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About and Applying for Essentials Lite

Sammy Khayat | 12/23/2019 | 4 Minutes | Media | 0 Comments
Following our previous media update which highlighted the availability of Essentials Lite in 2020 and the inclusion of established women-owned small businesses. This post serves to provide a general overview about Essentials Lite for those unfamiliar with our custom web design solution. In addition to answering a few questions regarding the application process; specifically how, where and when to apply. However, prior to discussing the application process, the following section gives a brief look into what Essentials Lite is, the features included, and who the solution was designed for.
What is Essentials Lite?
Essentials Lite is a custom web design solution that was introduced in late 2018 to provide nonprofits and business startups operating on a tight budget with the opportunity of having a custom website designed and developed for their organization. Furthermore, Essentials Lite was designed to address the very basic of website-related needs, such as functionality, features, interactivity, and multimedia design. Thus, for organizations looking for a informational, brochure style or portfolio based website, Essentials Lite would be a great solution to consider.
Pricing and What's Included?
Priced at $2,500 Essentials Lite offers many of the features found in our pricier solutions like Essentials (priced at $4,000) and Elite (starting at $6,000). The list below provides an overview of the features found across all of our custom web design solutions. Giving you a glimpse of the value we've injected into Essentials Lite!
  • Full, Custom Designed Template
  • Responsive Design (Mobile Ready)
  • Copywriting Services
  • SEO, On-Page
  • SEO Keywords Included
  • Web Forms Integrated
  • Social Media Integrated
  • Google Analytics / Maps Integrated
With so much value offered in Essentials Lite, only a combined total of 12 business startups, nonprofits, and established women-owned small businesses that apply are selected each year.
How to Apply?
For consideration to be offered our custom web design solution Essentials Lite, please visit the Essentials Lite web page to access the online form.
Applications will be accepted starting January 1st, 2020 at 8:00 AM.
The Process
Throughout the year there will be 4 submission windows (or rounds) to apply in for consideration to be offered Essentials Lite. With each round lasting for 1 month, where at the end of each round 3 organizations, typically 1 nonprofit, business startup and established women-owned small business will be selected.
The table below highlights important dates for each of the 4 application rounds. Further, at the end of each round, the 3 selected organizations will receive an email notification from us informing them that their application was accepted and what the next steps are. If your organization is not selected in a round we encourage you to reapply in the following round. Of special note, applications submitted after the 'Submit By' date will not be reviewed for consideration.
Submit By
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Selection Criteria
A number of factors are used in selecting an organization, however the most important factor is that the organization clearly demonstrates a need for the solution. As Essentials Lite is intended for nonprofits, business startups and established women-owned small businesses operating on a tight budget that need a new website or redesign to their an existing.
In closing, this media update was intended to provide a general overview about Essentials Lite and the application process. In addition to highlighting important dates for each application round, how and where to apply, as well as the features packed into Essentials Lite. So, if your a nonprofit, business startup or established women-owned small business searching for an affordable, custom designed and developed website, consider applying for Essentials Lite.
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